I specialise in weight management and weight related chronic conditions in the following areas:

weight management to a healthy, slimmer self
Metabolic & hormonal issues
» Gastrointestinal disorders – IBD, IBS, SIBO
» Chronic fatigue syndrome, ME
» Type 2 diabetes
» Stress, depression, anxiety
» Eating disorders
» Autoimmune diseases – joint, skin, thyroid
» Skin problems – acne, eczema, psoriasis
» Insomnia
» Infertility


Quote by nutritionist Shakela Shan of Nutrishanif you’ve been battling the bulge for a whilethen it’s time
to invest in your health using nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Why choose these Weight Management Programmes

At Nutrishan it’s all about making small practical changes to make a big difference in your daily life. With my continuous support and guidance I will empower you to make necessary changes to reach your ultimate goal and optimal health.

Effective Weight Management and Nutrition Programmes

4-Week Back to Basics Programme

Option 1: Back to Basics Nutrition Consultation with Functional Approach plus two review appointments.

12-Week Metabolic Balance Programme

Option 2: 12-Week Metabolic Balance Programme – This personalised programme is based on a clients blood analysis and addresses the underlying hormonal and metabolic imbalances to promote weight management and optimal health with ongoing support and body composition assessment.

Best of Both Bespoke 16-Week Programme

Option 3: This is our best of both ‘doctor & nutritionist’ intensive 4-month programme. It will get you started on your wellbeing journey and will guide those with complex and chronic conditions to promote healing and health with our ongoing support. 


Your nutritional programmes will enable you to shed the extra pounds and keep them off! You can eat natural and wholesome foods that suit you and your metabolism to make you feel great.

* Regular meetings and on going support is vital to help you reach your objective.

Change your nutritional habits to change your weight

testimonial about Shakela of NutrishanHaving seen my weight yo-yo over a number of years despite best endeavours and various diets, I was put in touch with Shakela by a colleague. We hit it off straight away as she not only sympathised with my frustrations but pin pointed the underlying causes of me not being able to maintain my ideal weight. I was given an eye opening insight into nutrition and how to avoid slipping into bad eating habits. A tailored food plan and associated advice was put together for me, and whilst it took some getting used to, within a week I began noticing positive results around energy, skin condition and clothes feeling looser! What I really likes about Shakela is that she literally held my hand for 3 months, always on the other side of the phone to advise and assist. Shakela has been a great help to me and I have since introduced a number of friends and family to her, who appear to be benefitting also. Thank you Shakela, you not only know your stuff but you’ve also got a great fun loving personality which made the whole process enjoyable.
Jessica, Horsforth in Leeds.

Make changes in your life to be healthier and weight less