What to expect from your nutritional consultation

On confirmation of booking your first consultation you will be sent a health questionnaire and advised to keep a typical 3-day food diary. This will provide me with a review of your health symptoms, family health history, dietary habits, digestive function and lifestyle.

Once the completed questionnaire is returned to me via email or post it will allow me to prepare and analyse your information before our initial consultation.

The initial consultation takes around 60-90mins where I will discuss your medical health history, dietary factors, digestive function and lifestyle, which could be contributing to your weight and health concerns.

The information gathered from the consultation will be used to generate a personalised nutrition programme for you to follow and for me to support you throughout your weight management and wellness journey.

1 to 1 nutritional consultation with nutritional therapist Shakela at Broadgate Wellbeing

Your Health Investment Programmes:

To help each client achieve an optimal level of wellness, we offer various types of consultations, including testing, personalised food and lifestyle plans.


Back to Basics 4-Week Plan
A personalised nutrition and lifestyle
plan to help you achieve optimal
health and wellness.


» 1 initial nutrition, lifestyle and health assessment (1hr)
» Full body composition
» Personalised dietary and lifestyle report
» 2x30 minute weekly review telephone support calls
» 1 follow-up review (1hr)
Metabolic Balance
12-Week Programme

An exclusive weight loss programme. This plan is based on a client’s blood
analysis and addresses the underlying
hormonal and metabolic imbalances
to promote long-term weight management, vitality and optimal health purely through nutrition.


» 1 initial nutrition & lifestyle health assessment (1.5hrs)
» BIA body composition with measurements
» Full laboratory blood test report
» Comprehensive and tailored food plan
» Email support in the first 3-months
» 5x30 minute review appointments with BIA and measurements
Best of Both Bespoke 16-Week Programme £1760
This is our best of both ‘doctor and nutritionist’ intensive 4-month programme. It will get you started on your wellbeing journey for those with complex and chronic conditions. The programme will promote health and healing with our ongoing support to help change how you feel and eat forever.

» A functional medicine health assessment with Dr Indra or Dr Ailsa
» An initial nutrition consultation with Shakela + 3×1-hour nutritional support appointments
» A blood draw at our in-house phlebotomy clinic and a comprehensive blood test
» A testing review appointment with Dr Indra or Dr Ailsa and Shakela and personalisation of the programme
» A report of the recommended changes and management plan
» 1 further follow-up appointment with Dr Indra
» Email support in the first 4 months

Phlebotomy Appointments Including Centrifuging £40
To arrange an appointment or discuss your nutritional needs please call me on 07581 246242 for a complimentary 15-minute chat. Alternatively, you can email me or visit our websites below:


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