Weight Management

I specialise in weight management and weight related health conditions commonly effecting women in the following areas:

Weight management with Nutrishan in Leeds» Weight management and body image
» Hormone and Thyroid Disorders
» Eating Disorders
» IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
» Indigestion / Bloating
» Coeliac Disease / Gluten Intolerance
» Anxiety / Depression / Insomnia
» Fatigue
» Skin Health
» Pregnancy

If you’ve been battling the bulge for a while then it’s time to invest in your health and contact me for a consultation.  Call 07581 246242.

How the Weight Management Programme works

At NutriShan it’s all about making small practical changes to make a big difference in your daily life. With my continuous support and guidance I will empower you to make necessary changes to reach your ultimate goal and optimal health.

Two effective weight management and nutrition programmes

1. 4 week personalised programme
consultation / full body composition / cupboard detox / shopping trip / cooking class – Cost £200

2. 12 week individualised programme
includes the above 4 week offering plus comprehensive blood tests and blood report / individualised food plan for life.

Your nutritional programmes will enable you to shed the extra pounds and keep them off! You can eat natural and wholesome foods that suit you and your metabolism to make you feel great.

* Regular meetings and on going support is vital to help you reach your objective.