Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance : all natural weight managementI regularly use this metabolic balance programme for clients requiring meaningful weight management. This is not a fad diet but a 4 stage nutritional plan that is unique to you based on your blood results. I offer hands on support throughout the programme to help you attain your overall weight and wellbeing objective.

Metabolic Balance® is an award winning 100% all natural, scientific proven weight management / health maintenance programme*.

If you feel that there is some underlying health problem that is preventing you from managing your weight naturally then this programme is for you.

The metabolic balance® programme has been developed by doctors and nutritionists in Germany and is based on over 20 years of research into healthy eating by Physicians and Nutritionists. Introduced in the UK in 2008, it has gained strong momentum in the nutrition industry because frankly ‘it works’.

Its primary focus is on resetting and strengthening your metabolism by promoting hormone balance through regulating the amount of insulin your body produces. Thus promoting fat burning, weight management, decreasing fat storage, reducing inflammation and promoting ‘anti-ageing’. Ultimately, body fat is lost and not lean tissue or muscle, resulting in a positive transformation of body composition.

As a result of restored hormone balance metabolic balance ® can help with the following health issues:

Metabolic balance aids weight loss, Shakela Shan practitioner in Leeds.» Type 2 diabetes
» High blood pressure
» Cardiovascular disease
» Rheumatism
» Migraines
» Liver / gallbladder issues
» Kidney and bladder disorders
» Poor digestion
» Menopausal symptoms
» Osteoporosis
» Allergies / skin problems
» Insomnia

How is Metabolic Balance ® different to other weight management plans?

There are no meal replacements, no calorie counting, or no fat-free products. This is not a diet it is a lifestyle. You eat three nutritious meals a day and choose the foods from your personal meal list. With the help of the right foods and a few simple rules you establish a new regime that enables you to achieve and maintain your perfect weight.

Metabolic Balance ® – The structured 12 week process

1. Initial Consultation (60-90 mins) – Details about your medical health, personal status, a full body composition using bio-impedance scales, weight / health goals, food likes and dislikes.

2. Laboratory Test – A blood sample will be taken and sent off to a laboratory for a comprehensive analysis. The test determines your metabolism using detailed and relevant markers in your blood sample.

3. Individualised Nutrition Plan – You will receive a computer-generated nutrition plan based entirely on your blood values.

4. Second Consultation (1hr) – I will go through your 12 week nutrition plan with you in detail to ensure that you fully understand the process, the foods and the structured four phases of the plan.

The Four Phases of the Plan

  • Phase 1Two day preparation to cleanse the body of waste products – i.e. a detox.
  • Phase 2Strict phase to help adjust your metabolism. This phase lasts 2-4 weeks, over which period the body acclimatises to the positive nutritional changes you are making. Initially there will be some ‘tough days’, but I’ll be there to advise and motivate you and soon you will begin to witness improved energy and weight management. You eat 3 nutritious meals per day, choosing the foods from your personal food list. Exercise is avoided in this phase because ultimately we are kick-starting the body to use fat for fuel rather than carbohydrates.
  • Phase 3Relaxed phase to experience the natural taste of ‘real’ food. In this phase we progressively start introducing new food items to your plan and you are allowed a ‘treat’ meal each week. Clients make further weight management progress during this phase and no longer crave the ‘wrong’ foods and drinks. Exercise is reintroduced at this stage.
  • Phase 4Maintenance phase allows you to enjoy your newly acquired eating habits for life. This is the final phase and only introduced when you are satisfied with your overall wellbeing and weight management. Phase 4 is effectively indefinite, but by now you are fully equipped with the core metabolic balance rules to maintain your weight, have healthy skin and to be full of energy.

Please note:
Metabolic balance ® is not suitable during pregnancy or breast feeding, or for those undertaking a vegan diet. It is also not suitable for people with renal disease.
– Metabolic balance ® is not to be confused with the ‘blood type diet’ – as metabolic balance® is based on an analysis of the blood.
– Metabolic balance ® is only available through fully trained practitioners with the relevant professional qualifications.

* Read this recent study in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism on the effectiveness of Metabolic Balance®.