1 to 1 Nutritional Consultation

I offer private one-one nutritional consultation from the Broadgate Wellbeing Space in Horsforth, Leeds. The consultations will support you through your chosen back to basics or metabolic balance programme – helping you to achieve natural weight management and improved health through simple and practical nutrition guidance.

What to expect from your nutritional consultation

On confirmation of booking your first consultation you will be sent a health questionnaire and advised to keep a typical 3-day food diary. This will provide me with a review of your health symptoms, family health history, dietary habits, digestive function and lifestyle.

Once the completed questionnaire is returned to me via email or post it will allow me to prepare and analyse your information before our initial consultation.


The initial consultation takes around 60-90mins where I will discuss your medical health history, dietary factors, digestive function and lifestyle, which could be contributing to your weight and health concerns.

The information gathered from the consultation will be used to generate a personalised nutrition programme for you to follow and for me to support you throughout your weight management and wellness journey.
I to 1 nutritional consultation at Broadgate Wellbeing

Consultation Fees

To help each client achieve an optimal level of wellness, I offer various types of consultations, including personalised dietary and lifestyle plans. The fees include the cost of the consultation and any ongoing support in between consultations.

4-Week Back to Basics Plan
A personalised nutrition and weight management programme.
£250 Includes:
» Consultation
» Full body composition
» Personalised dietary and lifestyle advice
12-Week Metabolic Balance Programme
An individualised weight management and nutrition programme. This plan is based on a clients blood analysis and addresses the underlying hormonal and metabolic imbalances promoting long-term weight management, optimal health and vitality.
*poa Includes:
» Consultation
» Full body composition
» Laboratory tests & report
» Tailored food plan

* Please call for more about the comprehensive 12 week plan.

Please bring along any medication and supplements you are currently taking to your consultation.


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